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This comes courtesy of John Meyer at Fairfax IS:

"Spain is not Greece." - Elena Salgado, Spanish Finance minister, February, 2010.

"Portugal is not Greece." - The Economist, April 2010.

"Greece is not Ireland." - George Papaconstantinou, Greek Finance minister, November, 2010.

"Spain is neither Ireland nor Portugal." - Elena Salgado, Spanish Finance minister, November 2010.

"Ireland is not in ‘Greek Territory.’" - Irish Finance Minister Brian Lenihan. November 2010.

"Neither Spain nor Portugal is Ireland." - Angel Gurria, Secretary-general OECD, November, 2010.

"Spain is not Uganda." - Spanish PM Rajoy. June, 2012

"Uganda does not want to be Spain." - (Uganda foreign minister) Jun 13th 2012

Italy is not Spain.” – Ed Parker, Fitch MD, 12 June 2012

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